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Plugged Bunker Shot

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Plugged Bunker Shot

Are you having difficulty with plugged or “fried egg” bunker shots?

Leslie has been having difficulty with this type of lie and wrote to us and asked:

Hi Sean, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with plugged bunker shots or “fried eggs” as I’ve heard them called.  Can you give me a few pointers to get out of the bunker a little easier?

For almost all bunker shots, I’m a huge advocate of using the bounce of the club to assist you.

Exclusive Bonus: Step-by-step checklist that will show you how to hit a plugged bunker shot. This is great to take to the practice bunker and practice (Download Here.)

However, in the case of a plugged ball, I don’t want the bounce to be the first part of the club to enter the sand. With this particular shot, we need to dig the ball out of the lie – so it’s paramount that the leading edge of the club enters the sand first. Keep Reading

Putting Yips

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Putting Yips

The yips, particularly with the putter is something most of us probably have experienced at one time or another.

Whether it’s in the middle of your round or that last putt on eighteen with everything on the line, it’s just not the pro’s that experience them.

I’ve asked my good friend Dr. Greg Cartin, a golf performance coach who’s helped golfers of all skill level including PGA Tour and Tour players talk about the putting yips.

He shares his experiences with how to over come this four leader word and start getting in the correct mindset to make more putts.

If you enjoyed this this blog post and want to get in touch with Dr. Cartin, the best way to do so is through his website Mindful Mindset.

Take it away Dr. Cartin.


 The Yips – it’s one of the dreaded 4-letter words in golf.

Exclusive Bonus: Step-by-step checklist that will show you how get control of the putting yips. This is great to take to the practice putting green and practice (Download Here.)

Those of us who have experienced them know the familiar sensations that the mere mention of the word can elicit. Keep Reading

Uphill Lie Golf Shot

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Uphill Lie Golf Shot

Do you struggle with uphill lie golf shots?

Depending on the golf courses you play and how hilly they are, you could face the uphill lie shot numerous times throughout your round of golf.

This post will help to prepare you for those times.

Exclusive Bonus: Step-by-step checklist that will show you how to hit the uphill lie golf shot. This is great to take to the driving range and practice (Download Here.)

Albert struggled with an uphill lie and recently asked this question:

“Hi Sean, I struggle a lot with uphill lie golf shots; could you suggest or share any techniques to help me be more consistent?”

For those of you like Albert – there are a few things you need to do to become more consistent and execute this type of shot in the way that you want. Keep Reading