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Uphill Lie Golf Shot

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Uphill Lie Golf Shot

Do you struggle with uphill lie golf shots?

Depending on the golf courses you play and how hilly they are, you could face the uphill lie shot numerous times throughout your round of golf.

This post will help to prepare you for those times.

Albert struggled with an uphill lie and recently asked this question:

“Hi Sean, I struggle a lot with uphill lie golf shots; could you suggest or share any techniques to help me be more consistent?”

For those of you like Albert – there are a few things you need to do to become more consistent and execute this type of shot in the way that you want. Keep Reading

Sidehill Lie Ball Below Feet Grip

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Sidehill Lie Golf Shot Ball Below Feet

Do you find that when you’re on a sidehill lie and the ball is below your feet, your shots start to the right of the target?

It happens to the best players in the world – but they make just a few simple adjustments so that the ball lands at their intended target.

Connor struggled with his own sidehill lie golf shots with the ball below his feet and asked:

Hi Sean, I find when I’m on a sidehill and the ball is below my feet, I have a tendency to hit most of my shots right of my target.  Could you please help me understand why this might be happening?

Face Plane Tilt

If you could imagine standing on a flat lie you can see that the face magnet and my target line are pretty much parallel to each other. Keep Reading

How to Hit a Uphill Bunker Shot

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Have you ever been faced with an uphill bunker shot, and asked yourself how you should play it?

This shot can certainly pose a lot of difficulty for golfers, but with good fundamentals and a sound technique, it’s definitely possible to get better and more consistent.

Anthony was experiencing some frustration with this type of bunker shot and recently asked:

Hi Sean, I’ve been having a lot of issues with my uphill bunker shot.  Typically I come up short –  and more often than not I leave my shots in the bunker.  Do you have any suggestions or techniques that can help me improve?

How to Hit a Uphill Bunker Shot

Proper Club Selection

The first thing I would like you to examine is you club choice.

If your ball is on an upslope, the trajectory of this shot is going to be higher, therefore the ball will not travel as far.

In most cases, golfers’ first instinct is to grab their lob wedge when they need to hit a shot out of the sand. Keep Reading