How to Fix a Slice Using Ball Flight Laws

How to Fix a Slice Using Ball Flight Laws

It’s a Saturday morning, and you’re playing in your club’s weekend game or with a group of friends.

You tee off on the first hole, starting your drive down the middle of the fairway; however, the ball curves right into the rough or trees.

On the next hole, your ball again starts down the middle of the fairway, but curves too far to the right.

By now, one of your friends has probably mentioned that your “club face is open.”

But you’re probably wondering: if the ball starts where you want it to, and then curves right, is the club face really the issue?

Jay recently had this same problem: 

I'm struggling a lot with a slice. Typically, my drives start down the middle of the fairway, then slice into the trees on the right-hand side.  My experience is the same with my irons.  Ideally I would love to hit the ball straighter; do you have any ways to correct this?

Before we get into techniques and ways for you to reduce a slice, the first thing I want you to focus on is actually where you are striking the ball on the face.

A prominent factor that I see with some of my students is that they are striking the ball out of the heel and this is a contributing to the amount of curve they are experiencing on their shots.

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