How to Prevent the Shank Golf Shot

How to Prevent the Shank Golf Shot

The dreaded shank is a shot no one ever wants to experience during a round of golf.

It’s a shot that has assumed many different names over the years, such as the ‘hosel rocket,’ the ‘Davie Crockett,’ and the ‘socket.’

Regardless of what we call it, it’s a shot that is struck off the hosel, resulting in a ball that flies off at right angles to the intended target and leaves your playing partners diving for cover.

We’ve all experienced it.

Everything is going smoothly and out of nowhere - BOOM...Sh-sh-shank!

Some people don’t even like hearing the word because it starts to stir negative thoughts and emotions.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing in my swing that is causing this shot”?

If so, this blog post and video below is for you.

Mitchell had a similar question and he emailed to ask:

Hi Sean, every now and again I go through a case of the shanks.  I have absolutely no idea what might be causing them, or what I can do to avoid them.  Can you please help me out?

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