How to Break 90 in Golf the EASY Way

How to Break 90 in Golf the EASY Way

How would you like to learn about one part of your golf game that you should be working on to learn how to break 90 in golf?

….and, what if I told you all it took was just “one” golf club.

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That is the very question TJ had about his golf game.  He asked,

I have been trying to break 90 for a while now and I feel my wedge game is letting me down.  Do you have any techniques or suggestions to help me improve from 100 yards and in?

The one thing I would like to share with you today in helping you break 90, is the importance of knowing how far you hit each wedge.

Let me explain… For me, if I have my 54 degree wedge, I know that if I put my full swing (100%) on it, the ball will go 100 yards.

For you, it might be a pitching wedge that goes 100 yards, but whatever club it is the important thing is that you know how far it goes when you hit it at 100 percent.

So, in order to become a better player with your pitching wedge, sand wedge, or lob wedge you MUST know how far your full (100%) shots go when you hit them.

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