How to Grip a Golf Club

How to Grip a Golf Club

Have you ever wondered how to grip a golf club?

If you watch the pros on television, you’ve likely noticed that all of them have different golf grips.

So, is there a “right” or “wrong” way to grip the club?

AJ had a similar question after watching a golf telecast:

Hi Sean, I was watching the PGA Tour on television this weekend and the commentators were talking about a strong, weak, and neutral grip.  Could you please explain the differences between these three grips and suggest which one you think is best?

Strong Golf Grip

The first grip we’ll talk about is a strong grip.  (right-handed golfer)

When we hear commentators on TV talking about a strong grip, they are typically referring to how a golfer places their left hand on the club (i.e. a strong left hand grip).

When you look at your left hand, you will see a "v", which is created between the index finger and thumb.

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