How to Hit a Flop Shot Like Phil Mickelson

How to Hit a Flop Shot Like Phil Mickelson

Knowing how to hit a flop shot can be very beneficial, especially when you find yourself short-sided to a tight pin.

You can use the flop shot in situations in which you need to get the ball up in the air quickly and have it land soft - with very little roll.

Phil Mickelson makes the flop shot look easy because he follows a few basic steps every time he hits this type of shot.

Bradley wrote to us and asked how to hit a flop shot:

Hi Sean, I’ve been having some issues with my flop shots, especially when I have to go to a tight pin over a bunker.  I find I often catch shots thin or heavy.  Do you have any techniques or suggestions to help my consistency?

Playing this shot is going to incorporate some of the same techniques and  philosophies that we use with hitting a high bunker shot.

Flop Shot Setup

First, we are going to take our set up and evenly distribute our weight fifty percent (50%) on the left leg and fifty percent (50%) on the right leg.

Second, we want to make sure that we aim the body slightly left of the target, maybe two to three yards.

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