How to Hit a Fairway Wood Perfectly Every Time

How to Hit a Fairway Wood Perfectly Every Time

Have you ever wondered how to become more consistent when hitting your your fairway woods off the ground?

The three-wood off the ground is one of the more difficult shots for amateur golfers to master.

By making a few simple adjustments at setup, this club can be a whole lot easier to hit.

Claude, one of our readers, wrote in and had a similar problem:

Hi Sean, I’ve been having a lot of trouble hitting my three-wood, especially off the fairway.  Do you have any tips or suggestions that will help me become more consistent?

How to Hit a Fairway Wood - Ball Position

One key ingredient to becoming more consistent with this shot is the correct ball position.

I would like you to use two alignment rods to help ensure that you are placing the golf ball in the correct position in your stance.

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