Driving Range Tips You Can't Practice Without

Driving Range Tips You Can't Practice Without

You’ve been there before - I think we all have.

You hit the golf ball great on the driving range, but when you go to the golf course, it’s the complete opposite - just terrible.

Why is that?

Troy asked the same question when he wrote, “When I go to the driving range I hit the ball great; but when I go to the golf course, I really struggle to repeat what I was doing on the driving range.  Do you have any driving range tips that will help me take my practice from the range to the golf course?

Before I share a few driving range tips with you, I would like to bring to your attention the importance of practicing on the range as if you are on a golf course.

Driving Range Tips #1

There is a simple thing I would like you to do with an alignment rod that will help.

First, set the alignment rod down, aiming it slightly left of the target (this will change based on the shot shape you are trying to hit).  

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