Mastering the Downhill Lie Golf Shot

Mastering the Downhill Lie Golf Shot

Do you find that you catch shots heavy when you have a downhill lie golf shot?

Are you looking for a consistent technique to help you fix this?

I’m sure you’ve been there before; I think we all have.  Here’s the scenario:

You absolutely crush a drive on your tee shot - hitting it down the middle of the fairway.

You’re thinking you’re in good shape - only when you get up to your ball, you find it on a steep downhill lie.

The good news is that your ball is in the fairway; the bad news is that you're not really sure what’s going to happen when you hit the shot.

Cody had a similar problem at a course he plays regularly. He asked, 

I play a course with a lot of hills and slopes, and I have trouble with the downhill lies. I have a tendency to catch them heavy.  Do you have any techniques that can help me catch the ball first?

What I’d like you to remember is this: when hitting a downhill lie golf shot, one of the most important parts of the golf swing is knowing where your weight is in your golf swing.

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