How to Stop Casting the Golf Club

How to Stop Casting the Golf Club

Figuring out ways to stop casting the golf club is something with which a lot of amateur golfers struggle; it can cause many issues - including loss of distance and accuracy.

Jason, one of our readers, wrote to us and asked how to stop casting the golf club:

Hi Sean, I’ve been having a lot of issues with casting the golf club.  I feel it’s costing me a lot of distance.  Can you please explain what causes this, and some solutions to get rid of it?

Casting the Golf Club

‘Casting the golf club’ - or ‘early release’ as some people call it - is when we start the downswing with a premature release of the wrists.

Casting causes you to loose wrist angle on the downswing; in turn, the club head is delivered to the ball with a cupped left wrist. This adds loft to the club face at impact and causes you to hit high, weak shots that don’t go as far as they should.

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