How to Hit a Fade in Golf like a Pro

easily learn how to hit a fade in golf

Did you know that if you execute a fade correctly, it will go just as far as a draw?

Are you having trouble hitting a fade? Are you looking for a more consistent technique?

Recently, Ryan was having difficulty with hitting a fade and wrote:

Hey Sean, I’m having trouble hitting a fade. Typically, my ball always slices when I attempt to do this. Do you have any techniques that will help me improve my consistency?

There’s a way for you to learn how to hit a fade in 3 simple steps. I want to tell you about it, so read on...

 First Step

I would like you to picture a clock face. The target or flag is going to be twelve o’clock. This is where we want to ball to finish.

controlled fade

Second Step

We know from the ball flight laws that the ball primarily starts where the club face is aimed at the time of impact.

In order to hit a consistent fade, I want you to aim the club face at 11 o’clock.

hitting a fade

This is where we want the ball to start when hitting the fade.

Every time you hit a fade, the ball must start to the left of our target,  then curve back to the right.

Third Step

The path of the club needs to travel to the left of where the club face is aimed at impact, in order for the golf ball to curve back to our target, which is at twelve o’clock.

What I would like for you to imagine is pointing your club face at 11 o’clock, standing parallel to where the face is aimed.

Then, on your downswing, I would like you to imagine that the path of the club is traveling towards 10 o’clock.

fade shot

One effective way to help the club go left is to rotate your hips and torso a little bit harder and faster; this will create room for the club to swing around your body and make it easier to produce the desired path.

Today, you’ll see a lot of PGA Tour players swinging left.


They are doing this so that they can hit the ball as hard as they can and not have to worry about the ball hooking left.

What they are trying to do is to get their path to go to the left and keep the club face slightly open to the path. This will allow the ball to fade.

Bringing It All Together

So at impact, you will have a club face pointing at 11 o’clock, and a club path that is traveling towards 10 o’clock.

This is a perfect recipe for the ball to curve back to the flag (i.e. 12 o’clock).

Practicing the Fade on the Driving Range

Now that you have a better understanding of how to hit a fade, let’s talk about how you can practice this the next time you go to the driving range and what I want you to be thinking.

  • Find your target, which is twelve o’clock

  • Aim your face at 11 o’clock

  • On your downswing, imagine you are swinging your club to 10 o’clock

You should feel you are using the path to curve the golf ball - NOT the face.  Now that you have worked on the proper feel needed to hit a fade on the driving range, let’s talk about taking it to the golf course. 

 Let’s Take The Fade to the Golf Course

On the golf course, this concept is not going to be as extreme or exaggerated as our previous example on the driving range.

What you have practiced on the range is designed to help you have a better understanding of how to hit a fade.

We are still going to point the face where we want the ball to start and continue to swing the path to the left of that.

Most of the time, when we are on the course, we are only trying to hit a 3 to 5 yard fade.

We are going to aim the face four yards left of the target and we are going to swing our path eight yards left of the target.

I explain it in real time in this video on how to hit a fade in golf.


To Recap How to Hit a Fade in Golf...

The fade is a great shot to have and some of the top players in the world call this their “go-to” shot when under pressure.

Follow these 3 simple steps to hit that fade:

  • Pick your target

  • Aim the face where you want the ball to start

  • Swing your path to the left of that

Here’s The Next Step:

If you’d like something as a reminder when you go to driving range or golf course to learn how to hit a fade then download the bonus below.

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How to Hit a Fade like a Pro