How to Break 90 in Golf the EASY Way

How to break 90 in golf

How would you like to learn about one part of your golf game that you should be working on to learn how to break 90 in golf?

….and, what if I told you all it took was just “one” golf club.

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That is the very question TJ had about his golf game.  He asked,

I have been trying to break 90 for a while now and I feel my wedge game is letting me down.  Do you have any techniques or suggestions to help me improve from 100 yards and in?

The one thing I would like to share with you today in helping you break 90, is the importance of knowing how far you hit each wedge.

Let me explain… For me, if I have my 54 degree wedge, I know that if I put my full swing (100%) on it, the ball will go 100 yards.

For you, it might be a pitching wedge that goes 100 yards, but whatever club it is the important thing is that you know how far it goes when you hit it at 100 percent.

So, in order to become a better player with your pitching wedge, sand wedge, or lob wedge you MUST know how far your full (100%) shots go when you hit them.

Then when you have a 100 yard shot and put your normal swing with natural rhythm on that shot…… it will go 100 yards every time.

OK, so now that you know how far your full shot goes, the next step is know how far a three quarter (75%) shot goes, the next step is knowing how far a three quarter (75%) shot goes.  

That would be when the arm comes back to about shoulder high (something known as the “L” position)

Three Quarter Swing

For me, my 100% swing goes 100 yards, and my three quarter swing (75%) swing goes 75 yards.

We would like to use the same logic when assessing a 50% shot.

Again, for me, when I have a 50 yard shot I take the club about half way back (50%), which most of the time is when my right arm is straight and there is minimal wrist break (feel like it is just short of the “L” position that we talked about earlier.)

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 11.20.56 AM

Now, the one thing I want you to watch on the shorter shots from 75 yards and in, is when you are making your swing, make it with nice rhythm and timing (DO ­NOT take the club back and snatch it through the ball and hit it as hard as you can).

A big part of being a good wedge play is controlling the speed of your body and the speed of your rotation through the shot.

Watch this video to get a better feel on how to break 90 in golf with your wedges:


To recap how to break 90 in golf...

Work on how far each one of the three shots we talked about goes.

  • Full swing (100%)

  • Three quarter (75%)

  • Half Shot (50%)

Being able to control that 50 yards gap between your full swing and half shots will definitely help you bring your scores down and help you break 90 in golf. 

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How to Break 90